New York Music Daily

 Interstellar Songbook II is…one of the most original, interesting noir releases of recent years. Imagine Jeff Lynne circa 1981 producing an album of jazz standards reinvented by a swing chanteuse with a completely unadorned delivery that’s all the more disarming for its directness.”


      PopWrapped – of her Interstellar Songbook II release party performance

 “She was poised, entranced, and held a mystique calling to mind both Lana Del Rey and Ella Fitzgerald. The blend between band and singer was seamless; her vocals serenaded on top while the musicians weaved in and out of the masterful arrangements.”



“Joanne will transport the listener to a 1940s supper club in farthest reaches of Pluto.”


      New York Music Daily

“’Golden Earrings’ is a luridly Lynchian three-minute masterpiece, torchy Vega noir pop with unexpected sonic flourishes like an eerie guitar track running through a watery Leslie speaker.”