With silky smooth vocals atop haunting electro-tinged soundscapes, Joanne Weaver presents her unique, psychedelic renditions of classic standards from the 40s, 50s and early 60s in her dual concept albums Interstellar Songbook and Interstellar Songbook II, available now on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.


Joanne combines flavors of dreamy, electro '90s trip hop, sci-fi and tech noir cinema, the retro, dada quirkiness of American Filmmaker and TV Director David Lynch (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks)...and wraps it all up in a retro Hollywood, classic jazz chanteuse package - with a spicy twist, that is.


Born and raised in the burgeoning Silicon Valley scene in Sunnyvale, CA, Joanne lived and breathed music from the very beginning - as a toddler, she'd rock and sing herself to sleep each and every night, and a few years later, she was singing, playing piano regularly, and appeared in school plays and community theater musicals. After eschewing med school in favor of "just winging it", she moved to NYC in 2001 and has called it home ever since. She has performed at the Manderley Bar at the McKittrick Hotel (home of "Sleep No More"), The Metropolitan Room, The Wooly, The Blacklist (TV Show) holiday party, Symphony Space, The Rum House, Rue B, Theatre80, Fifth Ave Empire Ballroom, Tribeca Rooftop, The Nuyorcians Poets Cafe, Cabarete Bar & Grill (Dominican Republic), The Lenox Lounge, Minton's Playhouse, Burning Man, The Wonderland Artist Collective, and had a 1.5-year-long Friday night residency at The Flatiron Room. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.




“Her voice is flawless, with the background synthesizers giving you the experience that Weaver is NOT from this world; instead, she is an Alien in the best, Bowie/Bryan Ferry way.” - Audio Fuzz


“The album really is something; picking up where jazz artists from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s left off and throwing in her own futuristic touch for a recipe that’s beyond a doubt exceptional.” - PensEyeView


“Joanne will transport the listener to a 1940s supper club in farthest reaches of Pluto.” - Examiner


“A singer asserting her own fresh perspective on fusing genres and a mesmerizing, sultry voice to back it up.” - Gadfly


“Weaver's silky vocal style might be reminiscent of Sarah Vaughan, but the eight songs on her debut album Interstellar Songbook are sprinkled generously with splashes of Pink Floyd and David Bowie.” - RiffRaf


“She was poised, entranced, and held a mystique calling to mind both Lana Del Rey and Ella Fitzgerald. The blend between band and singer was seamless; her vocals serenaded on top while the musicians weaved in and out of the masterful arrangements.” - PopWrapped







cover art photography by Joe Tanis Photography

cover art design by Sean McClintock