NEW album and shows ahead & Celebrating an awesome 2013!


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a smashing start to your respective new year’s already.

Have any of you ever done a new year’s ritual of researching all the things you did the year before—going through old calendars, emails, and such, and really sleuthing to get it all together—and then write it down and look at the year in full, and really take it all in? I highly recommend doing it. Instead of having a vague idea of “Yeah, I guess I had a busy year on the music front last year”, I was able to really see how one connection led to another….how that fateful decision I made 2 years ago to get myself out on the stage all the time so I could get better at performing, has come true in myriad ways I couldn’t even imagine then….and seeing the patterns and the steady progress has emboldened me even further to keep this train truckin’ along.

So, I want to share my own personal “year in review” with all of you, and THANK YOU, so very very deeply, for being on this train with me, and supporting me all the while. You guys taking a vested interest in my musical career has been incredibly emboldening, and your loving words of encouragement makes me feel a purpose behind all of it and drives me onward. At the end of the day, in the wise words of Eden Ahbez’s “Nature Boy”, “The greatest thing / You’ll ever learn / Is just to love / And be loved in return.” Thank you for all of your love, and I hope you can feel mine returned to you, spilling out of this MailChimp email! (Yes, modern technology is that good!)

Before we look back,
I want to share a few beacons *ahead* with you.

1)   If you haven’t snagged your FREE DOWNLOAD of “Nature Boy” yet, please go and get it! You can directly download it off my site’s homepage, here.

2)   My second album, Interstellar Songbook II, is COMPLETE! I just listened to the final master this weekend and it sounds AMAZING!! It should be ready for all of you this Spring. This is a HUGE step in the process, and one to definitely celebrate. Andre Fratto, you have produced, arranged, and in all ways, intricately and delicately masterminded yet another album that I’m incredibly proud of and excited about, and it has been an incredible honor (and just plain fun) to get to work with you again. Words can’t say how grateful I am to you for your talent—and LOTS of elbow grease—to bring ISSII to life, and how much I enjoyed our musings on life, the universe and everything along the way. What can I say? We did it again. HOLLAH.

3)   The Joanne Weaver Trio’s Friday residency at The Flatiron Room continues into the new year as well—we have been extended yet again, now through the end of February—and I’ve had a friggin’ blast with Adonis Tsilimparis (guitar) and Gabriel Riesco (cajon) up on that red-curtained stage every Friday night, where we play and sass and bump n’ grind to the festive crowd there and keep expanding our repertoire of songs we have always wanted to bring to the stage. We hope you’ll join us there (again?) one of these Fridays, 9pm-1am, and you can make reservations on OpenTable here.

Photos of past Flatiron Room performances can be found here (Joe Tanis Photography) and here (Caroline Sinno Photography).

Now, A Year In Review:
My Musical Goodies from 2013

Some top highlights include:

Last week, our Flatiron Room residency made the “Hotlist” on AM-NY, with a daily circulation of over 715K readers—this is the second time we’ve received this honor, yey!—and we also now appear on the front page of The Flatiron Room’s website. Smokin’!

Also, I:

Galavanted off to the Dominican Republic in June to film the music video for “Nature Boy”, with director John Byrne and “Nature Boy” Walter Ramirez.  SO FUN!! exclusively premiered the video in December. “Nature Boy” and my last video, “Black Coffee”, have now amassed 9,200+ total views on YouTube.

Hosted the “Nature Boy” music video release party and artist showcase at DROM, I performed—-for the first time publicly—-3 songs off my new album Interstellar Songbook II, and I can count this as my second emcee job, ever.
Fellow performers and collaborators included: Ron Jackson, Adrian Harpham, Gabriel Riesco, muMs, Penny O’Brien, Adonis Tsilimparis, Annesta Le, John Bryne, and Phaedra Paulson. Andre Fratto musically directed the evening, and Caroline Sinno snapped some amazing moments from the evening here.

Launched my official website

Received 3500+ likes on Facebook

Worked steadily on second full-length album Interstellar Songbook II, where I spent many hours in the vocal booth at Andre Fratto’s studio year-round; it’s in final stages of completion now and we’re looking at a Spring ’14 release

Continued my work with vocal coach and ever-supportive mentor Elynn Diamond

I got my booty onstage a lot in 2013! Performances include:

  • Friday-night residency at The Flatiron Room, with Adonis + Gabriel, which began in June
  • Performed Interstellar Songbook at:
    • ZirZamin w/ Matt Geraghty on bass + Ron Jackson on guitar, shared bill w/ spoken word poet muMs. Beautiful photography by Caroline Sinno here and Joe Tanis Photography here.
    • Party promoter Andy Troy’s “Casablanca” party at Chelsea Manor w/ Matt Geraghty on bass and Richard Padron on guitar. Caroline Sinno photography here
    • Voodoo Cabaret, in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
  • Sang 3 never-heard-before songs from upcoming album Interstellar Songbook II at DROM, and danced with John Byrne
  • Impersonated Marilyn Monroe and sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” and “Nature Boy” at Andy Troy’s birthday party at 230 Fifth’s rooftop ballroom
  • Had the great honor to sing “Islands” by The XX with Adair Watkins for Joe Tanis + Phaedra Paulson’s first dance at their wedding, in a beautiful space in Dumbo
  • Year-long residency at Café Dada, and two summertime gigs at The National Restaurant, w/ The Kitchen Table Quartet (KTQ): Rich Barbera (bass violin), Dan Lorette (guitar), and Gene Coleman (flute)
  • Invisible Dog Gallery in Brooklyn: sat in with bassist Adam Kahan and band
  • Mezetto Restaurant w Ron Jackson (6-string guitar)
  • Luca Bar open mics on Tuesday night with Gabriel Riesco, Adonis Tsilimparis, Niki Thomas, and Felipe Beltran
  • Appeared in bellydancer Neon’s “Give Bellydance A Chance” music video
  • Performed at swanky private event at The Wooly, with Adonis Tsilimparis and Gabriel Riesco, and photographer and musician John Mazlish jumped in on guitar and sang a few numbers, too


I also received some nice press last year, including:

  • Interviews published with Creative Spotlights, Vent Magazine, Park Slope Stoop, PensEyeView (exclusive 48 hour front page feature), Maria’s Space, Emma Adams
  • Indie Spotlight feature on RiffRaf Magazine
  • Interstellar Songbook reviewed on Skope Magazine (received “A” grade)
  • Our Flatiron Room residency featured on AM-NY’s “Hotlist” in Nov ‘13 and Jan ‘14, reaches 715K+ readers/day
  • Flatiron Room show listings + previews appear in Town & Village Newspaper, Go Mag, Web Tunes, City Guide NYC, Special Parent, Indie on the Move, PodBop, Gotham Jazz, Zvents
  • “Nature Boy” video exclusively premiered on
  • “Nature Boy” upcoming video featured on Vents Magazine
  • “Black Coffee” video featured on AOL Spinner – 12MM views per month
  • “Black Coffee” video also appears on David Lynch-inspired blog Eraserhood, as well as on blogs Gigulate, Johnson Richard, First Post, Regator, ManMade Mag, Elbows, ArtistDirect, Jazz Goddess


Did you make it all the way to the end of this email? Really?! Well, gee, you sure know how to make a girl feel special ;)

Thanks again for sharing in this wacky adventure with me, and I am sending delicious juju and wishes for wonderful things to come to all of you in 2014. You’ll be hearing from me again soon—until then, much, MUCH love and peace to you all!


“Nature Boy” video

Black Coffee video

Top photo credit: Joe Tanis Photography